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Last updated March 6, 2022

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Docsend to PDF Converter FAQ's

Why did you create a tool to convert Docsend links to PDFs?

We've received many reports via Docsend that we'd love to save for future reference, but often the download option on Docsend is not enabled. This means we'd have to take screenshots of the pages we were interested and stitch those images together. This was very time consuming and annoying, so we built a small tool to save the entire Docsend to a PDF file.

How can I can download a Docsend file to a PDF?

By using our Docsend to PDF converter of course! We built to original tool that makes it easy to convert any Docsend URL into a PDF file in seconds. No more taking screenshots and dealing with a bunch of messy image files. Just enter the Docsend link above and we'll create the file for you.

Does the Docsend download start automatically?

Yes, once you enter the Docsend link above, we will automatically process it and prepare your PDF file for download. There are no extra steps for you to take. Depending on the file size, it can take up to a minute or more for your Docsend to be ready to download.

What happens to the Docsend URL and data once the PDF is converted?

We take data protection and privacy very seriously. Once your PDF is converted and downloaded for you, we erase both the PDF and the Docsend link. If you'd like to download the same Docsend URL again, then you'll need to re-enter it.

What happens if the Docsend is password protected?

This is definitely something we're aware of and are working on supporting in our public version. If you're interested in trying out this feature, send us an email at team @ and we'll activate it for you.

What if my PDF doesn't match the Docsend URL or seems improperly formatted?

This can happen from time to time, and we can usually get to the bottom of it pretty quickly. Just send an email to team at and we'll look into it for you.

When was this last updated?

We're frequently releasing updates and improvements to the downloader, but the most recent one was on March 6, 2022.

What if I have a question or piece of feedback?

We'd love to hear from you and help with any questions you have! Your feedback also helps us constantly improve the product. Just send us an email at: team @ We'll do our best to get back to you within a few business days.